SCHYNE Photography

SCHYNE Photography

Hi friends,

I'm Brandie, and I'll be the main voice behind Embracing Messiness!

I'm a new mama, lover of pink, living room dance parties with our black lab, Sophie, and traveling! I'm an undercover book worm and collector of pretty mugs. I spend most of my time barefoot and have a love for Texas Country and Miranda Lambert. I love my family, driving down backroads, and dream of the day I live on a farm out in the country!

I'm a writer and the owner of Bourbon Oak Tree Photography & Films and love capturing life's sweetest moments with my camera! I specialize in birth story photography and wedding and product films. I love capturing our family's moments but there is nothing more special to me than having our family pictures taken by some of my favorite photographers.


When I'm not traveling with Pat for football I'm most likely snuggled up in my favorite blanket, drinking coffee or hot tea, and working at my desk. And when I'm not working I'm spending time with my family and friends or outside!

You can follow me personally on Instagram and Snapchat at @c_brandie!