New City, Big Dreams

Austin Texas, Big Move, New City

Part of me never thought I'd leave Dallas, and yet a part of me always felt it was a stop over point.  A few close to me would tell you how much of my heart is in Dallas, and how bittersweet it is for me to make this move.

I moved to Dallas to chase my parents, my heart, and a new future after college, but I never knew if, when, or how I'd leave this city.

It's hard, and I think it always will be. Dallas has given me so much. It's been a place of truth, hardship, love, and a few long months of finding myself and my dreams. It's been filled with backyard BBQs, best friend visits at my parents', tears, smiles, too many drunk nights with my sister and family members, and it's given me some of the best friends we could have ever dreamt of.

When Pat and I began talking about moving, Pat was all in, except for the fact that we'd have to leave behind our friends. We miss the outdoors, and we knew we wanted to be somewhere that offered that. We knew we wanted to chase a really big, scary dream, and that Dallas didn't offer the market for it.

We had to find somewhere else. Somewhere not too far, yet far enough. Somewhere where we were already comfortable with and had some connections, but a place where we could spread our wings and start our forever life- start it fresh.

Although the move from Dallas will be gradual, we'll slowly be moving towards a dream and making some really big things happen. Things we can't share with you until later.

We are SO excited to announce that Austin, Texas is where our family will move, grow, and God willing- thrive at.

It's a big move for us, but what's even bigger is the small town we'll be calling home. Some would call it Small Town, USA at a population of a little over 1,100. I can see the shock in your eyes- ha! We are excited, so excited, and we cannot wait. I keep playing "Can't Wait to Stay" by Craig Morgan in my head.

Austin property
Mother Daughter Dance

We'll be 45 minutes door to door from the city and we are so hopeful for what's to come. For now, that's all we are excited to share with you, there are some more fun things to come soon so stay tuned.

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Drone Phantom Shot

Here's to the dreamers, the doers, the all-nighters, the risk takers. Here's to the ones jumping off of a cliff trusting God's plan and journey. Here's to you.


Family Picture, Black and White