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During the off season I found myself scouring Instagram for someone to help make me a custom jean jacket for the upcoming football year. When I came across Raneem from Coast to Coast Citizen her designs caught my eye right away. She was so unique, bold, and creative- and she was designing jackets for mostly NHL girls. I don’t know why I love the NHL girls so much but they’re always so fashionable and classy… plus, we love hockey in our house, so I automatically felt a draw to work with her.


As soon as I started thinking about a custom jacket I knew I wanted to implement a few things on it. I wanted first and foremost for the jacket to represent our journey. I wanted it to symbolize not only who I’m at the games for, but what we’ve done to be at games on Sunday.

The stars on the back of my jacket are for the years that we sat out during our free-agency chase to play, and the bigger stars represent the years we’ve been blessed enough to play.

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On my right arm I have the state of Texas with two hearts to symbolize our home. Dallas is the first place we called home after we were married, and Austin is where our farm is and where we’ll eventually call home forever. I wanted Aveline to be implemented on the jacket so I added a heart with her initials! I truly wanted this jacket to be a representation of the journey and our life, and we are so grateful to have Av joining us for this season! It’s made football so much more special to have her experience it with us!

On the jacket’s left arm I have the teams we’ve played on!

I decided to keep the front of the jacket plain so it would leave a blank canvas for us to add to later if we wanted! I have been so excited about my jacket since the day I finalized the design with Raneem, and I am so excited to wear it this season.

It truly is an honor to not only be able to watch Pat play on Sundays but to be in the stands as his wife, and I am so thankful for Raneem for working hard to make my vision so perfect.

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I am SO excited to announce that I have teamed up with Raneem to give you all a discount code for your own custom jacket!

She is being so gracious and offering 15% off and Free Priority Shipping on your own custom jean jacket!

To claim this offer you can contact Coast to Coast Citizen through her website or shoot her an email at

Share the discount code EMBRACINGMESSINESS when you contact her for your 15% off and free priority shipping!


She was so easy to work with and I am so excited for you to get your own made by her, too!

Comment below if you’re designing a custom jacket with Coast to Coast Citizen!

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