Game Day Clear Bag Post: What Do I Pack!

After attending more than a handful of games this season I figured I’d (finally) share what I bring to games in Tiny’s clear bag!

I feel like throughout the season we’ve had to make different adjustments dependent on what time the game is at and how her eating/feeding schedule falls in line with it. Throughout season we’ve also transitioned from bottles to a mix of bottles and food to solely food, SO, these are the basics of what I’m bringing today, for a one year old. Next season I can do a phase by phase posting for when we bring our new babe to games!

All Clear Game Day Bag

What’s in our bag this week:

  • Burp Cloth and Swaddle Blanket- I always, always, always pack these. They haven’t left my bag all season, but they are 100% necessary to have just in case. A few games I used the swaddle blanket as a layer above her Ergo and another time underneath her blanket for warmth.

  • Diapers- I always pack a diaper per hour. This week’s game is televised which means with commercial breaks it’ll take a little longer, PLUS Aveline has been on having some stomach issues so this week I packed more than usual

  • Wipes- I forgot these the first week. It just happens! Luckily there are so many veteran mamas that are always there to help out so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but I haven’t forgotten them again- ha!

  • Snacks: Today’s game kicks off at 3:40. Aveline will need her snack at 4:15 so I brought two things I know she’ll eat, and then we’ll also be able to find fruit at the stadium to go with it. She eats dinner at 6pm so I’m just going to wing it and hope we can find chicken tenders or something for her at the game. I’m leaving our house at 12:15, so that limits me being able to bring a lot to give her for dinner.

  • Tickets: Don’t forget your tickets and parking passes!

  • Camera: I always bring one of our Polaroid Cameras and my DSLR. These times are always so special and I always want to ensure we capture a few snaps from each game.

  • Cold weather gear: Today we’ll be on the field during warm ups so I’ll have her hat, gloves, jacket and her blanket to ensure she’s warm enough. After that we’ll be sitting inside.

  • Sunglasses: Just in case the sun decides to come out! She is SO good about wearing these and I’m so, so grateful for that!

  • She gets to bring one of her stuffed animals to play with during the game, and a few teethers. Today she chose her Josie Chipmunk, so she’ll be tagging along with us!

Josie Chipmunk

Here’s what today’s bag looks like!

Chicago Bears Clear Bag
Game Day Bag
All Clear Bag, what to pack

Have you ever brought your tiny bff to a game? If so, what did you pack in your clear bag?