2018 NFL Season Favorite Moments

Chicago Bears Family

After almost a week in the off-season I sat down today and truly reflected on everything the 2018 season gave to us.

We are so, so grateful to have been apart of the Chicago Bears for this season. Like the years before we loved our time with this organization, but this one was just a little more special. I can’t tell you all enough good things about Coach Nagy. He is the real deal. It was amazing to watch him transform this team into something that was so much fun, so competitive, and so exciting to watch. Pat hasn’t had this much fun playing football in a while- if ever, and I will never forget how excited he was every single day to go to work and play for Coach Nagy. Our family will forever cherish this year.

This season will forever be so close to my heart, as it was Av’s first NFL season. She was such a champ, honestly. Her calm demeanor throughout the long game days and vivacious smile when she got to see Pat on the field, without his helmet on, is something I will forever cherish.

This season she attended 2 preseason, 9 regular season, and 1 post-season games. She got to see the field almost every game when she greeted dada after warm ups, and weaseled herself into field passes more than once. She learned her way around Soldier Field, celebrated Thanksgiving Day in Detroit at Ford Field, and enjoyed unseasonably warm weather in Buffalo in November for a Bear’s win.

We celebrated game days with “game day waffles” for breakfast, watched the away games on TV, and celebrated late-season game wins with cookie baking for dad.

It was the most amazing, hectic season.

I asked Pat what his favorite memory from season was today and he said “winning the NFC and then going to Maple & Ash afterwards to celebrate. Tiny was with us and she was just so good like always.”

My favorite moment had to be anytime she got to see Pat down on the field. Handing her down to Pat from the stands will forever be one of my favorite memories.

Throughout the season we always got to the stadium in time for Pat’s warm ups. It was important to me that she saw him before every game. I want her to know we aren’t just at the football game for shits and giggles, but because this is her dad’s job. I know this year she’ll never be able to remember that, but it was important to me, so we did it.

I am so grateful for our time in Chicago and for the memories I got to make with Pat and Av playing for such an amazing organization. I will forever hold onto the thousands of pictures I captured, the memories of walking through Soldier Field on game day, games with family and best friends, and the wait after games for Pat underneath the stadium.

It’s been one hell of a ride, and one we’ll talk about for a long time.

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Chicago Bears Game Days
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Thanks for the memories, 2018 season!

Chicago Bears Family