Hey, 2019!

As Pat and I looked back on 2018 last night we began to scroll through 2019 in our heads and all that we already have planned for this year. Thank God we can find laughter in being overwhelmed because it truly keeps life light hearted and easier. My goodness, we’ve got a lot going on this year

I could literally scream from the rooftops and hug 2019 because I am so genuinely excited to see this year. I’m excited to embrace it, learn the lessons it has for me, grow our sweet family once again and begin life on the farm.

Every year I establish a word for the year. Last years was love, the year before, adventure.

This year, it’s inspire.

I’m not sure why this word was placed on my heart but as I was washing my hands this morning it came to me. I had a few I have been thinking about for a few weeks, but as soon as this one came to me it felt right.

I hope this year to inspire and be inspired. First and foremost I hope to inspire my babies how to live, love, and have unwavering faith. I want them to see things I do and for them to know they are fully capable of doing everything, anything, and all the things they dream of. I want to be that for you, too. I want to be someone who shows people they can take on more than they probably should, and that they can do it. I want you to know your dreams aren’t too big. I want you to know it’s literally terrifying where I’m standing at life, and I want you to know being terrified is perfectly fine. I can’t tell you how many times I have to replay the “if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough” in my head. I am pee my pants nervous, y’all about everything 2019 is going to hold. But I’m doing it. And I hope in 2019 you can find the courage to be scared every day and still chase the dream you want.

I hope to be inspired more than ever before this year. Inspired by new things, adventures we take, and people we meet. I hope to find inspiration in the unknown and chase inspiration with every decision I have to make.

We wrapped up our Advent Bible Study last night and at the end of it we had to write our prayers for 2019. I have never done this and was so encouraged by doing it that I want you to do the same. While I will have my goals written down I think it was such a cool thing to write prayers and hopes to God about the coming year. I’m so excited to have these and cherish them forever, to see what we prayed for when we look back in the years to come.

Happy 2019, friends! I hope this is your best year yet. I hope it’s full of good health, happiness, memories that you cherish forever and adventures you never thought you’d take. I hope it’s full of pursuing dreams, challenging yourself to do scary things, and remembering that you are capable of everything you want.