Aveline's First Games: Preseason Games 4 & 5

NFL Family

On August 25 I took Av to her first football game! I was so anxious about taking her to this game, especially alone, but I was also so, so excited!

It’d been over a year since I was at Soldier Field watching Pat play so it made this game a little more special. Being at home, watching him play, with our new tiny bestie was one of the best feelings I’ll ever have.

Overall she did so well! I was honestly shocked at how well she did and was so surprised how she handled it.

At first she was interested in everything so it was hard to get her to relax to take her nap but she ended up relaxing and getting back into the groove of her schedule and hit two naps during the time of the game. Guys, I will tell you now, and I will continue to tell you, BABYWISE is where it’s at. Also, drag your kid everywhere and get them used to life- just because you have babies doesn’t mean you have to stop living, things just get a little more complicated and challenging!

I was really happy that her first game was a noon game because most of our regular season games are at noon- after opening in Green Bay on Sunday Night Football, and then playing Seattle on Monday Night Football the week following. BIG games to begin!


Preseason game 5 was at home again against the Bills. This was a big test for us, and a game I was nervous about bringing her to, BUT I have every intention on being in Green Bay for the first regular season game with Aveline. I knew going into this game that if we could successfully make it through the Bills game I would feel comfortable enough to test her out at Green Bay the following week.

Again, she did so so well. The only thing that made me nervous was that she refused to drink her nighttime bottle, after that though she was only 20 minutes late falling asleep (in the stadium) for her bedtime. She woke up when I went down to say hi to Pat after the game but, thankfully, she fell back asleep as soon as we got to the car, slept the whole car ride and then went to bed as soon as we got home. SO, pray for us. Because next week is a big test for us and we'll be three hours from home. Thankfully one of our family friends is riding home with me after the game in case she needs help which makes me feel a lot better about being so far from home.

I am so proud of her and how she's handled the games and am so hopeful she will do well for the rest of the year. I think once we get in a set schedule with our noon games it'll be even easier for her. 

Have you brought your kids to football games? If so, what were their ages and how did they do?