Embracing Messiness: What to Expect, Fall of 2018

If you've been following along on my Instagram lately, I am going to be keeping the same vibe consistent here.

This is one of the busiest seasons in our life so far and we have SO much going on. We are building a business and brand back in Texas, about to enter into our second full NFL season (praise Jesus), all while ensuring we're focusing and investing quality time in our family.

I am challenging myself to be more active on social media and back on Embracing Messiness because I truly love pushing myself creatively and think this is a really good way to find time for myself during such a busy time.

I also love writing and love that this platform lets me write and share about our life.

My main focuses during this season of our life will be:

  • Christian Posts- I am starting a Bible Study with the football girls this upcoming week and will be sharing insights on our study through Corinthians. I am in the process of writing what I feel "my purpose" is on social media and I truly feel called to share and be a disciple Instagram and this blog.
  • Football Posts- This is obviously our life, and something we are both grateful and proud to experience so I will be sharing more of this publicly this season. Last year I was so hesitant to share pieces of this lifestyle because I didn't want people to think we've "changed" but lately I've been pulled to share more to prove to people that we are still Pat & Brandie who are laid back and love the simple things in life.

  • Aveline Updates- Since we don't share her face on social media outlets, and this blog, I've been stumped on how to show and share her with you. This one will be a challenge because I've kept her so private for the past 8 months, but I'm going to be sharing more of her, our favorite things, and updates more!

  • BUSINESS POSTS! This is a big one, friends! And although you only know what I've told you over HERE, I am going to start slowly leaking information and giving you sneak peaks! Again, we won't be revealing our full plans until the beginning of 2019 but you will start seeing our team who we're working with pop up every now and then, and a few pictures and sketches of what's to come! I'll be heading to Austin in a few weeks where the magic will be happening so expect some big reveals after that trip!

  • Fashion & Outfits: This won't be as prevalent this season but I will be doing my best to share my game day outfits and favorite things on my Like to Know page! Sometimes these don't get filtered into my Instagram page because of the presence I'm trying to uphold on my page!

Is there anything you want to see on Embracing Messiness? Anything you'd like to hear about that I haven't talked about or will be sharing in the bulleted point above?