Regular Season, Week 2: Seahawks vs Bears

Monday night was a special night for Soldier Field and the Bears organization as they welcomed Brian Urlacher onto the field to get his Hall of Fame Ring and address the crowd. It was so, so special to experience and see him, and so many Chicago greats on the field. It truly is amazing to be apart of such a historic organization where so many amazing athletes have played on the same field.

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Pat’s family was in town and we got field passes because Pat’s dad is best friends with Steve Raible, the announcer for the Seattle Seahawks.

For mid September in Chicago the weather was so, so hot which only became an issue when Av couldn’t fall asleep because I couldn’t get her to cool down. Luckily this time she ate a lot more of her nighttime bottle compared to the Bills game, but she had a very rough time calming herself down for bed. Once she did though she was a little champ and slept for the remainder of the game and went down easily when we got home.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that the rest of the games are at noon because I’m not sure I could convince myself to push her at another night game this season.

Soldier Field, Family Picture