Regular Season, Week 1

Taken from my Instagram, @c_brandie, posted on September 9th

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(Matthew 11:28)
We drove up to Green Bay on Saturday to watch @patscales48 and the @chicagobears’ opening game against the Packers.
Truthfully, Av wasn’t feeling the best in the morning but I chalked it up to her teething and it not being anything other than that. It didn’t take longer than a few hours for me to realize what I thought was teething was actually something else and I was hit with the anxiety of what the heck now? three hours from home.
I knew Sunday’s game was going to be getting cold and even though we have more than enough layers it probably wasn’t going to be smart to drag her through it. SO, I prayed. I asked God for a gut feeling to help me make the right decision.
Honestly, there are few stadiums I love watching Pat play in more than Lambeau Field. There’s something so, so cool about parking on neighbor’s yards, grilling in the grass and entering into such a historic place- especially when it’s the Bears & Packers and a rivalry like no other. If there was a game I wanted to be at this season- this was it. And I was SO excited for #OurAvieJo to experience such a special night.
But, after dinner with Pat Saturday night the gut feeling got to me and I knew we had to go back to our hotel, grab our things and head home.
Truthfully I’m not sure I would’ve made such a selfless decision without God telling me to, and while I was so sad to miss the game, I am resting in the comfort of trusting Him and being grateful we’re in the comfort of our home to snuggle, catch a few naps, and then watch her dad play in the warmth- and now we can actually wear our Bears gear without being heckled 😉
Motherhood is consistently teaching me how to sacrifice and be selfless, and to be honest, I couldn’t be more grateful to be gracefully learning how to do both.

Since we missed the game we spent the morning munching on waffles, snuggling, napping, and embracing our time together. Hopefully next year Aveline and I will be able to make it to a game at Lambeau!