Waving to Memorial Day

If there's two things you need to know about me, they are:

  Cottonwood Road Photography

Cottonwood Road Photography

1. I am a bargain hunter. I love, LOVE, a great deal. I rarely ever will purchase something full price and I seriously pride myself on that!

2. You will NEVER catch me in white jeans or bottoms before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. It's the Southern girl in me, y'all. I just cannot, will not do it.

So today I'm over here waving at Memorial Day and letting it know that I'm ready! Bring on the white jeans, shorts, and skirts baby! It's so close and I know it'll be here in a jiff!

Luckily, my two favorite pairs of white jeans are discounted HUGE right now, so I'll be sharing them first. They are comfortable, timeless, and so easy to wash. I'm not perfect, I spill on myself, so the "easy to wash" is a necessity. I've actually thought I've ruined this pair before but I was able to remove the stain- thanks for great fabric, Articles of Society!

Most of the jeans and shorts are moderately priced AND on sale, some of the skirts are a splurge though. You can directly head to the products by clicking on the picture! Happy Wednesday, friends!