Small Shop Spotlight: Honeybee Letters

One of, if not the best, reasons I love being in the creative community is working with other creatives. It never ceases to amaze me how talented the people I've become friends with are.

Recently I found Honeybee Letters. I was in search of someone to make custom invites for Poppy girl's Sip and See when I came across Melissa's Business Instagram and instantly fell in love with her work and style.

I'm so picky when it comes to custom invites- I am a perfectionist so I was looking for someone who had clean, crisp, yet unique work. Not only does Melissa's work have such clean lines, beautiful designs, and custom watercoloring, she is so, so, much fun and easy to work with! I have worked with a lot of designers on logos, designs, and invitations and I promise y'all she is the best one I've ever found. She's now designed three invites for me, and a custom stamp for our mail! 

When my cousin told me she wanted to have a styled shoot in Austin I was quick to ask her if she wanted invitations so I could work with Melissa again. I was so glad that she sent me some of her beautiful work and I'm so excited to share some of the images with you today!

Honeybee Letters
Custom Calligraphy
Honeybee Letters Invites
Hand drawn Invites
Custom Handlettering
Custom Invites- Honeybee Letters

If you're looking for someone to create anything custom, Honeybee is your girl! From custom stamps to invitations, prints and cards you'll find everything you need!

You can visit her website, Etsy shop, or Instagram to learn more and see her amazing work!