Racing for More, Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon

This July I'm running my first half marathon. I'm not sure why, especially on the hard days of training, that I ever wanted to run a half marathon. No, really- I've never been a runner, I've ran maybe two 5k's and my body is beat up from gymnastics. Yet, it has always been a bucket list item for me.

After having Poppy I have become more motivated than ever to work hard to accomplish a body I love and to have a self image of myself that she will see, be proud of, and one that will ultimately rub off on her.

I want her to know that she is capable of anything, that she should love herself before she can love anyone else, and that if she works hard enough at, and for, something that she can do anything.

When I picked the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon I decided to race for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital because I knew running for a purpose would motivate me more than just running to do it. I've found one of my purposes in life lately is to give back. When I signed up for the half marathon I set the standards of a fundraising goal of $1,000.

But, after training some, and a few serious conversations with Patrick I am so excited to announce that whatever we raise for St. Jude's we will be donating the same amount to Colleen's Dream Foundation- our favorite foundation that focuses on raising awareness and money to fund early detection methods for ovarian cancer.

We are SO excited! I was so nervous and anxious when it came to asking people for donations but now I am so inspired. I am so grateful that Patrick and I thought of this idea and that we are going to actually be giving back to two amazing non-profit foundations through me checking off one of my bucket list items!

My donation site is here! I appreciate all of the donations and am so thankful to be in this place to match your donations to give to Colleen's Dream!

You can follow my training here and through my Instagram account!

Colleen's Dream Foundation, Ovarian Cancer Research