Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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There are less than two weeks left until Mother's Day! I cannot believe this is the year I finally get to celebrate with my ma. What's even sweeter is that my sister and I both get to celebrate it together!

I have always had the hardest time thinking of presets to get my ma but now that I'm a mom I've found it's easier to come up with unique gifts that I know will be cherished for years to come. Below are my top five favorite gift ideas for mom.

  • I cannot tell you how much I have always loved Made By Mary. Recently her shop has blown up but I remember when she was working by herself and selling on Etsy. I cannot even tell you how many of her necklaces I have. 
    • A few of my favorites are:
      • The coordinate necklace: I bought these for my sister and I when she moved to Japan. Her coordinates are Dallas and mine are Okinawa. It's the best way to feel like even though we're worlds apart that we are always together.
      • Date Disc Necklace: I wear this necklace every day. It's a simple reminder of the best day of my life, when Aveline was born.
      • Nova Disc Necklace: This is a brand new release and is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. It'd be so sweet to give your mom a necklace with her kids names on it.
  • A Day at the Spa- I love this because moms work so, so hard every single waking moment of the day for their families. This Mother's Day treat your mom to a spa day, and even better, join her and make sure she knows how much you love her! Book her a massage and pedicure and then take her out to lunch at her favorite place. Not only will she remember how genuine your gift was, she will have an awesome day with one of the reasons she gets to be called mom.
  • I know pictures are my jam, so this isn't the best gift for all moms, but the one thing I told Pat I wanted this Mother's Day was to have all of Av's pictures put into photobooks and printed out. Honestly, I am so good at taking pictures of her, but I am so bad with doing anything with the images. So, I have asked him to take her an hour a day when he's home so I can make sure all of her pictures are edited so that I can put them all into a book and have them ordered by Mother's Day. I want to make sure we always do something with the pictures we are constantly taking and to me this is the best way. It'd be really cool to make a photobook for your mom of all of her kids throughout the past few years so she can have something to always hold onto and reflect on.
  • We all know Moms never take the time and spend money on the things they want, so this Mother's Day treat your mom to a gift certificate to her favorite store. Whether it's Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon so she can get a few of her favorite things.
  • Day trip to a winery/brewery- This could be a really fun family thing to do to celebrate mom. Pick mom up with her favorite morning drink and head to your favorite winery or brewery for the day. Some wineries will even let you pack a lunch so  you can do a picnic while sampling wines and enjoying time with the ones you love. At the end of the day buy mom a bottle of her favorite wine.

What's the best Mother's Day gift you've ever given to your ma?

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