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I cannot believe another Draft is here! Every draft is so special and exciting to us because it's a brand new start for so many guys starting their NFL journey. I cannot believe it's been 7 years since Pat's draft class. So much has happened since then and we are so grateful for the years of opportunity, hard work, and chasing and living this dream.

For all of the guys, whether this is your draft class or this is your second, third, or maybe fourth year free agency, my only advice would be to never quit. Have faith, believe in yourself, and work hard. No dream is ever too crazy.

It seems like just yesterday we were the crazy kids working part time, dead end jobs to pay the bills. We'd go to the high school field at the end of the day and snap and train in the hours we had left in the day. I'll never forget to love the hard days, for they make these days much sweeter.

Today I'm sharing some of my new favorite team gear from a few teams! I love all of this stuff below and cannot wait to snag a few things for me and Tiny for this season!

What team gear are you wearing this weekend?

I'll be in my favorite Bears tee with these Kancan jeans! 

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Good luck to your team and it's draft picks!

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