Beach Week 2018

Whenever I get the chance I always make my way back to my family's hometown of Pensacola, Florida. My parents' grew up in Pensacola and it's been a constant place of comfort and home for me growing up. I've always looked forward to our trips but I know this one will be more special than the ones before. Aveline is my grandpa's first great-grandchild and I cannot wait for her to meet my grandparents. I am so grateful that we are making this trip down and cannot wait to see my grandparents' reaction when they meet her!

I cannot remember the last time Patrick and I disconnected, got away, and went on vacation with my parents and I am so, so excited for it! Recently we haven't gotten to spend much time with my parents so I know we have been looking forward to this trip since we booked it a few months back.

Below I've attached my favorite beach week buys! I cannot wait to show you all the pictures from our trip and how I wear these on our trip!