Spring Favorites

Thankfully spring is just around the corner, sadly it'll arrive a little later in Chicago than it will in Dallas, so I've been cautious with going full throttle on all warm weather clothing. This will be my first spring in Chicago and Pat told me it won't be warm until almost May so I've got a few things with long sleeves listed below just to ensure I've got enough clothes to stay comfortable in both cities.

I used to do a lot of fashion blogging for On Her Game, a female sports website, a few years ago and it is something I've genuinely missed recently, so I've decided to start adding in more fashion posts to Embracing Messiness!

A few years ago I did a capsule wardrobe, and to be honest the past year or so I've totally gotten off of doing it but it's something I want to start doing again. If you've never heard of a capsule wardrobe you can learn about it here!

While we're back in Texas I'l be cleaning out my current wardrobe, downsizing it, and preparing for my capsule wardrobe. I'll be picking out which pieces I have that I want to keep, and I have been making a list of things I want as my statement pieces for the upcoming seasons.

Usually for my capsule wardrobe I do a few extra statement pieces than they recommend for each season because of how much we travel and the events we go to. Sometimes if a piece is a neutral color I still only use it for one season so I'll keep it and sell it or hold onto it and see if it's still in style the next time the season comes around!

Below are a few of my favorite finds for this spring. I've started with neutrals in tops and dresses/rompers in case you're interested in starting your capsule wardrobe this season! I love neutrals, they are so easy to mix and match with different bottoms, and I love having ones that interchange with the seasons.

This spring I am love love LOVING the ruffles, denim, and off the shoulder trends. Off the shoulders was big last year and I couldn't tell you how excited I am that it's made a return this year, too. I know Spring has just begun but I'm craving the day I can wear my white jeans/shorts again, especially with some of the tops I've attached below. (To shop the item you can click on it and it'll take you to the direct link!)

Spring Neutral Tops

I am obsessed with this Bobeau Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt and am hoping to find it in my size soon! It's so cute and the perfect mix of cute and cozy!

Dresses & Rompers

Currently I am in love with loose-fitting dresses that are not only comfortable to wear throughout the whole day, but that are nursing friendly. Dwell and Slumber dresses have quickly been my favorite go-to daily wear while in Texas. I have literally slept in mine and gotten up the next morning ready to go for the day... no joke, if you're pregnant or nursing you need one of these dresses!


Spring Pops of Color, Accent Pieces for the Season

If you've followed the blog for awhile now you know how much I love pink, and shades of it. It's no surprise most of these are pink, but I am also obsessed with this light blue color this season! It's so cute and a color that would look so great with a fresh tan! 

Favorite Season Bottoms

I've been looking for the perfect shade of jeans for the longest time now and am so glad I've finally found some. Don't let the Abercrombie tag scare you, my friend Krystal from Keeping Kasual has a few pairs of these jeans and loves them so, so much! She finally sold me on grabbing a pair of these, I'll let you know how they fit when I get them!


I'm so in love with this blush color and 'trend'. I love how these shoes incorporate ruffles and blush, and that they are flats. They are the perfect spring shoe and are so easy for every occasion.


I love these three pairs of shoes because they are easy to wear into summer and fall, especially the tan booties and gold flats. Not only does it make the price of these shoes easier to justify but it makes planning for your capsule wardrobe easier!

What are some of your Spring favorites? Share yours in the comments below!

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