Pat's 30th!

I knew for Pat's 30th I wanted to something special and something he'd remember forever. Lately we've been into giving experiences vs. things for holidays and birthdays so I knew I wanted to stick with that and make memories instead of give something monetary.

With us only being in Texas for two weeks I knew we'd never have the time we wanted to not only see everyone we love, but spend enough quality time with them, so I wanted to involve our closest family and friends in his birthday surprise. We also had our best friends flying into town for Aveline's Sip and See so I knew this was the perfect opportunity to not only celebrate her with everyone, but him, too.

After weeks of thinking about what to do I decided to plan a surprise birthday party for him at Top Golf. There's two activities Pat loves to do for fun- bowl and golf, and a lot of our friends live near a Top Golf so I figured it was the perfect activity to not only host a birthday party at, but for everyone to enjoy.


Guys. This was so hard. I planned the surprise before I had Aveline and literally kept is so secret until we surprised him! I cannot even believe how good I kept my mouth shut- LOL! What was even better was that Pat's best friend flew in for the occasion, making the surprise that much more fun and better.

With the help of one of his closest friends, Daniel, we pulled off the day and to say the least Pat was happily surprised. I was so so happy to see his face when he walked into it!


I have a short film from the night that I'll be working on soon and I'm so excited to share with you! Below are some of the pictures and family members who came to celebrate him!

Brandie Scales