Into the Sky

I know I'm going to say this literally every week BUT I really, really cannot believe our little girl will be ELEVEN weeks tomorrow! I feel like if I blink one more time she'll be driving herself off to college *insert all of the tears* ...okay, slow down, mama.

Turning eleven weeks isn't the only big thing Av is doing tomorrow, she's taking her first flight! Every year we fly to Phoenix to participate in The Colleen's Dream Foundation Golf & Gala weekend. It's one of our favorite weekends of the year and one we genuinely look forward to. It's seriously so much fun and for SUCH a good cause. To learn more about Colleen's Dream, click here!

This week has been crazy since we just got back to Chicago late Sunday evening, but we're so excited to be heading to warmer weather and some sun. I am so excited to take Av on her second big trip and cannot wait to show her so many experiences this weekend. I also love that her second trip is to a charity event to help raise awareness about ovarian cancer and to raise money for an early detection method. I want to continuously show her that she can help make a difference in the world and have her be active in communities to do so as she grows up. Monkey see, monkey do, right? We can make a difference, y'all!

I would be lying if I told you I wasn't nervous about her first flight but I'm going to be doing my best to embrace Hailey Devine's grace and remember what my dad told me (there's nothing you can do, people understand that you're traveling with a baby and it's not always going to be perfect). There's really not much you can do to keep an eleven week entertained or not screaming, so if you're thinking of us tomorrow please say a quick prayer that things go smoothly and that the whole plane doesn't hate me.

Within the next six weeks Aveline will be flying three of them and taking three twelve hour road trips so I wanted to do a post on what I'm doing to prepare for not only this trip/flight.

Find some of my favorite products below!


My best friend uses these when she comes to visit us and I am SO excited to use them tomorrow and share our experience! These bags are so practical and so GENIUS! I love that they're red because they will be so easy to spot. I am hoping they're durable and long lasting since we'll be traveling a bunch! Stroller | Carseat


All of our trips will be to warmer weather with sun, so the first thing I packed was this Blue Lizard Sunscreen. One of my closest friends recommended this stuff last year when we were in Mexico and we haven't looked back since. It's a bit pricier, but it's a price I'll pay for a clean, toxin-free sunscreen. I've never used the Baby one because we typically use the sensitive one (3o SPF) but I'm excited to use baby option on Av and will let you guys know what I think! I packed this white hat in hopes to keep the sun out of her face and start her love of hats early- a girl can dream, right? This Badger Balm never leaves our diaper bag, bedroom, etc... y'all, we don't go anywhere without it. We have used this exclusively on Aveline since she was born as lotion and rash cream and are so obsessed with it. At our last appointment our pediatrician told us she has the softest skin of any baby he's ever known. BOOOM. Mom win. Seriously though, this stuff is my jam. Since having Av I've fallen in love with all of their products, especially the sensitive/dry skin balm.

I always tell Pat that a boy would have saved us so much money because I have an obsession with bows. I love them. These are a mix between Little Poppy Co, Modern Piggy, and Willow Crowns. PACK HACK- I kept a few of these quality papers and stack the bows on them when we travel, just so they don't get messed up or wrinkled (too much). I also am super strategic with where I put them in the suitcase and what they're next to.

I packed my favorite It's Sew Alison blanket to we can continue to practice our tummy time every day. Hotel room floors don't sound like the cleanest place in the world so I wanted to bring something to put on the floor before we lay Av down on it. Yes, mom, I know germs are good for her... *eye roll*


Along with that, I packed a few of her favorite things to look at and touch during "play time". I wanted to make sure that even though we're not home we're still implementing our same schedule and practices as if we were at home.



I'm dressing Av in my favorite onesie brand, L'oved Baby and her Childhood's Clothing sweatpants. I have her matching sweatshirt and a blanket in case the plane is cold, as well as her Solly wrap in case she needs to be on me. (Bow pictured is Willow Crowns) I figured I love being comfortable during travel days so she might too!

I'm sure tomorrow will be an adventure all in itself. While I'm feeling anxious I know that for Av's sake I need to stay calm and go into the day with confidence. You can follow along with our day and see how it goes by following me on Instagram at @c_brandie!

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