Life Changes

Becoming a mama has been way better than I ever imagined. I could not think of one thing better, y'all! With motherhood has come so many things and realizations and appreciations so today I wanted to share 5 things that have changed for me since becoming a ma!

  1. Mom, I get it. I totally know why you were constantly taking pictures of us. I know it's technically my job to love taking pictures, but holy cow. This little girl, I cannot stop. Proceed, Paparazzi Pam, I appreciate you!
  2. I love my parents way, way more. There's a new level of appreciation and mature love that I have for both of them. I now know how much they love me, and I believe my dad when he says nobody loves him more than him, because I cannot imagine anyone loving Poppy than we do.
  3. It is possible to live without sleep, friends! College definitely could have been more fun if I just knew my sleep deprivation potential ;) Just kidding, it's truly not bad. Patrick put it best, he said "this is the happiest tired I've ever been" as he rolled out of bed one morning with droopy eyes and the most disastrous hair.
  4. I always joked that moms had super powers that they get once they become a mom. I am happy to report mine have come in! Y'all. You become a mom, and all of a sudden you are super woman. I play "race nap time" every day and I cannot tell you how much I can all of a sudden get done in two hours. The motivation of this tiny human is real.
  5. Your fall for your husband/partner all over again. I cannot tell you how much it melts my heart to see Pat with Poppy. The only way I can explain it is the "Then" song by Brad Paisley, I thought I loved that man before we had our baby girl and now it is so, so much better. 

What are the most significant changes you saw after having your first baby? Is there any different changes after you have more than one?

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