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I know, I know, roll your eyes it’s okay, but I have to say it: I cannot believe our little girl is ONE! Where the heck did that year go?

Simply, it was the best year of our lives and we are so grateful to be Tiny’s parents. I love my Joey girl so much and cannot wait to see what year two brings her.

When we decided to have a party for her I wanted to make it an intimate, family only party with people that she not only knew and recognized, but had harvested a relationship with over the first year of her life. I truly want to instill in her that it doesn’t matter how many friends you have, the important thing in life is to have quality friendships and relationships with people you cherish and love.

We spent the day with my parents and godparents while Patrick was at work, enjoying blueberry cupcakes and a small photoshoot with her own cake in our living room. We had family pictures done a few weeks ago but it was important to me to have pictures of her from her actual birthday. I wanted to be able to have them and hold onto them forever so I can see how she changes throughout the years, but especially on her birth day. I know it’ll get harder and harder as we add more family members but I definitely think this will become a tradition for every birthday.

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First Birthday
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I know I keep our lives super private so I figured I’d share a few things about this past year, and Aveline, with you!

  • Why do you call her Joey?

    • Her middle name is Josie. When we didn’t know if she was a boy or girl I called her by her middle name because we didn’t want to share her first name with anyone until we had a girl. Over time Josie became Joey and it’s stuck! I absolutely love calling her Joey and think it’s unique and fits her little personality perfectly!

  • Pat calls her Tiny, my dad calls her Poppy, and she also responds to Av, Jo and Avie Jo. I’ve learned going into our next babe that nicknames will come a plenty once they’re here. I’ve called my dad Poppy for what feels like forever and we wanted her to have a nickname that we loved so when she was born we deemed her Poppy. I love it and am so happy we did so, and love how it’s a special name she’ll be able to have forever.

  • She isn’t walking yet but is soooo close. Within the past two weeks she’s also become speed racer and is so hard to keep up with! She’s a busy body just like her mama. She is interested in everything and wants to do everything she sees everyone doing.

  • She loves her family. My parents and godparents spent almost every day with her during her birthday weekend and she was obsessed with them, especially my uncle. I’m currently trying to convince him to move to the farm with me and be my live in nanny- ha!

  • She eats everything, and would eat for hours if you’d let her.

    • Sister is 100% a Scales. I couldn’t love her appetite more and how she loves everything we give her. Yes, even green olives.

  • She has been to every home game this season and to two away games. She is the best game day buddy and I’m so thankful that we dragged her everywhere during her first few months and on because I truly believe that’s why she’s so good and go with the flow.

  • Sly is her favorite animal. They sit on the couch together and stare out the window almost every morning and it melts my heart every single time.

    • She calls the cats by their names (and cat) but refuses to call Sophie her name. She is strictly “dog” LOL

  • We have successfully made it a year with very limited screen time!

    • This sounds so silly but was important for me to do for her. We FaceTime our family members and that is the only screen time she has consistently had on a daily basis. Being so far away from everyone I can now tell you it has made it so she recognizes her family seamlessly in real life. It’s been so much fun to see her connect with my family after not seeing them for months. She recognizes them right away and I promise we’ll be implementing the same practice for babe 2.

    • We’ve started to slowly introduce TV but she is not about it, WHICH I LOVE! Whenever I try to get her to watch a show with me she’ll watch for a few minutes then go back to playing with her toys or reorganizing my pillows on the couch.

  • We have been consistently been talking about the baby with her and showing her my belly. She loves other kids and has been around younger babies than her and is always so interested in them so we’re hoping that will make her transition easier. At night she’ll rest her head on my stomach and kiss it and it melts me to the floor. One night she was talking to it and it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever been apart of. I know year 2 will bring it’s own changes and challenges but I am SO excited for her to become a big sister and watch her grow into that roll. Our family is so blessed to not only have one baby, but to be adding another one soon.

  • We just had her 1 year appointment and she is now 19.1 pounds and 29 inches long. It blows my mind that in one year she has almost quadrupled her weight and grown 9 inches!

I’ll be sharing a list of my favorite go-tos from our first year, a review on Babywise, and a few sneak peaks into a fun project I’ve been working on for her soon! Be sure to subscribe for instant updates, follow me on Instagram, and stay in touch!

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