Intentional Living, What's Next for Us

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” - William Morris’

As I’ve started slowly mentioning, mostly on Instagram, is that I’ll be dropping small hints about what dream we’re working on and what the next phase of our life will look like.

One of the biggest things we’re focusing on in our “next phase” is living intentionally and simply. These days it is so easy to get caught up in “keeping up with the Joneses” and focus our worth and “need” in material things. I want Pat and I to focus on finding importance in things other than objects, or materialistic things we think we need. More importantly, I want our kids to know that their value isn’t in having the best and biggest “thing” that they’ll of course grow out of, or forget about. I want them to know the important things in life are things you can’t buy- they’re your grandparents coming to visit, playing outside with the animals, and sitting down at the end of the day for a family dinner.

I truly want them to enjoy the simple things, to know they have everything when they have God, their good health, and our family.

Last week when I dropped (in this post) that what I’ve been working so tirelessly on is a commercial building, but that’s not all I’ve been doing!

Today when I saw William Morris’ quote while looking for inspiration on design stuff I truly felt a pull to share it, and tell you guys a little bit more of what’s going on!

Ever since we bought our acreage we knew we wanted our business and home life to coincide for the first few years. Not only to help us save money and pay off our business loan, but to also allow us to tend to the company’s every need.

I’m about to take on a lot, y’all. On our farm we’ll have to eventually stop growing hay, which means we will have to find a different way to fulfill our agriculture needs. SO, this Spring we will be introducing bees to the farm (if you have any experience in this PLEASE help a sister out), and once I am living on the farm full time we will be adopting a few baby longhorns (literally, that makes me squeal out of excitement).

I know you are probably wondering why I said “I am living on the farm”, instead of us. WELL, Pat will only be on property while it’s the off season, or when he has a break from football. A lot of this is going to keep coming out, and one day you’ll realize just how crazy I am to jump into this with two kids, BUT, we are planning for our future and after praying and planning have decided that this is the best time to do this so we can transition easier from Pat’s football career to the real world.

Brandie vs babies, bees, longhorns, and a company + football…. send coffee, wine, and a babysitter. Helpful visitors are welcome.

SO, in line with Morris’ quote- *drumroll please*

We are building a home on the property! A small home. A home where every nook and cranny will have it’s purpose and we will be focusing on living intentionally, and very closely, with each other.

In the Spring we will be putting our house in Dallas on the market and hope to sell it as fast as possible. As soon as we have a builder for the full scope of our project (commercial and residential) we will start building our home first. This will allow me to be on property whenever we’re in Austin to do business trips, and make it easier for me to travel with two kids back and forth from Chicago.

On Thursday we had our final design meeting for our company and home. It was the first time we had seen the home designed and we are so, so excited about it! It’s crazy to me that we are building a small house from the ground up, and we are so grateful to not only be doing so, but to be doing it on the same property where we’ll grow our family’s business.

With the new house being less than 1300 square feet I am focusing on making sure we are making every inch of the house purposeful. I truly want our house to only have things that are of every day use, or of sentimental value. This is going to be a challenge because we will be downsizing in a big way. Currently we have two homes, one in Dallas and one in Chicago. While we’ll keep a place wherever Pat plays, we will be going through everything and focusing on only having things we need in both places.

I am so excited to live the simple life, and to get rid of all of the “things” we’ve held onto for years for no reason other than one day we “might” want them. We definitely have our work cut out for us but we are so excited!

As far as our small house goes, we’ll be implementing so many fun ways to use the space we have, and to get creative with how we use it. We are SO excited, and can’t wait to share this journey with you!

Soon you’ll be seeing a shift in my Instagram feed as I start sharing more design ideas and inspiration for not only our home, but the business as well. As soon as we break ground on our project we’ll be announcing everything we’ve been up to.

I know it sounds crazy that we’re wanting to wait that long, but we are holding it close to us to ensure that all of our ducks are in a row before sharing it with the world. This is a huge part of our lives, so we want to cherish everything, and carefully think out how we do things. I’m sorry if you feel like we’re just dragging you along, but this is what we have decided is best for our family. If you’ve been following us and are picking up the hints and slowly piecing things together- we are SO excited to have you with us! We are so grateful for you and cannot wait to share this dream, and journey, with you!