The Busiest Season

Portrait picture

The busy season of our life.

My mother in law asked how I was a few weeks ago and I just laughed and said, “good, but tired”. And she responded with “that’s what raising babies will do to you!” I laughed it off, but later told Pat that raising babies was the easiest thing I’m doing right now.

Truthfully, I underestimated everything we dove into earlier this year. We started working on our second dream because it’s the best long term decision for our family and will hopefully make our inevitable transition from football easier down the road.

But starting a company, along with designing and building a commercial building from scratch while 1,200 miles away has been nothing short of challenging.

On the verge of a melt down earlier this week I took a step back and realized how much I’ve had on my plate for the past 6 months, but especially the last 4. Chasing a one year old, over halfway done with pregnancy, managing people who are supposed to be meeting deadlines in Austin from Chicago, along with hiring people for our team to help design, market and build this dream AND doing it all during football season when Pat’s schedule is more than demanding and he’s on the road most weekends.

Tired, y’all.

But also so motivated, grateful, excited, and scared. So scared because dreams are terrifying. And once you jump you question every second of your falling- if this is right, wrong, worth it, or if you just took a leap of faith and the ground is coming soon for your face.

When Meagan, of Blossom Lane Photography, sent me our family pictures she included this one of just me, and for the first time in a while it stopped me in my tracks. Because I look confident, calm, and happy. Happy is the big one.

It took taking a step back for me to realize how proud I truly should be of myself. Honestly, feeling proud is hard for me, because I’ve always been so hard on myself on what is expected of me. But this week, in the midst of a huge meeting I’m slowing down for ten minutes and thanking myself for being tired, because it means I’m doing it. Doing it so big.

The hundreds of cups of coffee, late night meetings after Av’s in bed and Pat’s home for work, and the thousands of minutes of research, phone calls, and everything in between.

Building dreams is hard, but I hope you know that you can do it. I hope if you’re in the midst of wanting to chase a dream that you chase it, and that if you’re chasing a dream and feel like you’re consistently chasing your tail and no one sees you because you’re working behind the scenes on things and have “nothing to show” for your work that I see you. I see you, embracing the hard, busy days and hoping for the days when your dream is alive and thriving.

Cheers to the dreamers, the up all nighters, the ones who can’t “slow down” because they’re consistently thinking of the next thing and best thing for their dream. Tired looks good on, you, dreamers!

Photos by Blossom Lane Photography