A Year Later: A Look Back

My best friend sent me her Timehop from last year this morning and all of a sudden a wave of emotions hit me.

Honestly, I knew the week heading up to Aveline's first birthday would shake me, but I didn’t realize it would hit me so hard out of nowhere.

A year ago today, after almost my appointment because I “needed” to make scones, #cravings, I was rushed to a fetal specialist when we went in for our 37 week check up. My pregnancy with Av was anything but a walk in the park. Within the 2 weeks between my week 35 and 37 visits my stomach shrunk 2 weeks and I lost more weight. (For those of you reading and haven’t been pregnant- the way they “measure” your pregnancy is by taking a tape measure and putting it at the top of your pelvis and measuring up to the top of your stomach).

My doctors opted to do an ultrasound to check on her and found out that since my stomach was shrinking that it was putting pressure on my placenta (it was on top of Av) which in turn was constricting her and not allowing her to not only get enough nutrients but have enough space to grow. Once we had the ultrasound done at my doctors’ office my doctors sent me to a specialty hospital so we could get a further look at our Tiny girl. Thank God, when we got her results back she was at the 11th percentile for weight. If she would’ve been at 10% or below they would have had to do an emergency c-section that afternoon.

Since she was at the 11th percentile my doctors decided to let me go home and see if my body could take course and see if we gave it more time if it would dilate more naturally, or best case, go into labor.

After a weekend of rest my doctors decided to have me induced on Tuesday, December 5th.

It’s funny how God works. He truly does know what’s best. Because Pat had been placed on injured reserve due to his ACL surgery he was able to go to that specialist appointment with me. I remember picking him up from the facility after leaving my OBGYN and being so relaxed as soon as he got in the car with me. Even a year later, I can remember how nervous I was.

I remember being so upset with my body at times during my pregnancy with Aveline. I kept thinking about how it was letting me down because it wouldn’t gain weight, or let me “enjoy” the pregnancy without being consistently sick. Especially on that day, one year ago. I was so disappointed in it.

Now looking back I know that this is just how my body handles growing little babies. And I’m so, so thankful for the really hard thing my body does to take care of them. Pregnancy is such a crazy, challenging thing, but I hope I’m always able to find the beauty, peace and joy throughout it… even if my stomach wants to pretend it’s a boa constrictor and hug those babies a little too tightly ;)


I guess the reality of our girl turning one is coming quicker than I originally thought. I can promise I’ll be sharing more emotional posts and pictures throughout the week. I’m in awe of how much she has changed, and how much she has changed us. This past year has been simply the best yet.