Bye Week Beach Getaway

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There is always something so sweet about being home in Pensacola, Florida. I know I talk about how much I love the farm, but nothing will ever be able to take the place of Perdido Key. We planned this trip almost last minute so we could get away from the fall weather and hustle and bustle of Chicago for a few days. We knew if we were going to get away that this was the one place we knew we’d want to be. Sorry, Wyoming, we’ve got a whole bunch of winter approaching so Florida won this one.

Last time we were home was at the end of March and Av absolutely loved it. With all of our bath mishaps throughout the past six months I was somewhat skeptical going into this week on how she’d handle the water. Yet, again she proved to us that there’s just something different, and better, about that salty ocean water. (That’s my girl!)

While we were there we got our family pictures done and I cannot wait to share them with you!

Below are a few of my favorites from our 3 day hiatus with my dad and family.

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Aveline got her first hermit crab and held onto him for as long as we would let her. She definitely fit the bill for a little Florida girl, and it made me so happy to see how much she enjoyed the sun, sand, and hermit crabs.

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Aveline’s first sandcastle!

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We came back to Chicago feeling so refreshed and ready for the rest of season. It was so nice to enjoy some time together and slow down for a few days. Stay tuned for our family pics!

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