Fashion Blog Posts: What to Expect

Lindsey Kay Photography

Lindsey Kay Photography

Recently I mentioned the things you can expect on Embracing Messiness. If you missed that post you can read it here. As much as I love fashion, and how much this blog was consumed by weekly fashion posts last year, this year I have a lot more going on and have less time to plan, shoot, and post as many fashion posts. So, for now I will be sharing my game day outfits only on weekends when we have home games. Since I’m not going to be traveling to most away games you can find me in leggings and a big comfy sweatshirt that will more than likely be smeared with snot, food, and baby saliva those weekends- which I’m sure you’re not interested in- HA!

I will be sharing most of my (shareable) outfits and fashion stuff on my Like To Know. It page often, so if that’s something you’re interested in be sure to download the app and follow @c_brandie!

Embracing Messiness is always changing, so if I find more free time, or have the demand to post more fashion posts, I will definitely bring them back!

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