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I never truly how to share such exciting news with you guys! There’s exciting news, and then there’s LIFE CHANGING EXCITING NEWS!

We are overjoyed to announce that we are adding to our family, and that our sweet tiny human will be here at the beginning of next year!

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We are so excited to have another winter baby and we are truly feeling more than grateful to have another baby on the way!

When we were in Pensacola for the bye week we decided to get our fall family pictures done to help us announce our sweet joy! Of all of the places we’ve had our pictures done, there will never be a more special place for us to do them at. This is the same beach my family has grown up at, and one of major comfort zones. Having Av play on this beach throughout the week, and then taking images on the same one for our family to keep and cherish forever was truly something special. I love this place, and I’m so thankful that we forever get to come back here and cherish it for all it’s worth.

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Baby Announcement, Daddy and Daughter, Best Friends
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So many people are so caught off guard when we tell them we’re pregnant again, but once we had Aveline we knew we wanted to have another one soon after. Pat and I have always thought we wanted a big family, and after we had Av we truly knew it was what was right for us. We are so excited to add baby 2 to our family!

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I will be working on another post soon about having babies so close together, ask me any questions you’d love to have answered for it!

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