Letters to You

 Hallie Duesenberg Photogrpahy

Hallie Duesenberg Photogrpahy

When I was pregnant with Tiny girl I started writing letters to the baby I'd soon get to meet. I kept them close to my heart and would write personal letters to her, sometimes about little, silly things and other times serious ones, about things I hope she would always know and carry with her.

I've always been a writer. It's a safe zone for me, and has always been the easiest way of sharing my feelings and thoughts. So when I caught myself thinking things about our baby, or for her, during my pregnancy I decided to write them down and keep them in a place that I can one day give to her. 

My thoughts, wishes, and hopes didn't end when she was born, in fact, they've grown stronger, so I wanted to keep up with the letters. I promised myself I would write one at least once a month, on the celebration of her birth. I want to always remember how precious these times are, how I'm feeling throughout the seasons, and what my feelings and wishes are for her- and to see how they grow and change throughout time.

Pat and I both wrote her a letter the week she was born and it will always remain one of my favorite things that we've done, and so special to reflect on.

 Hallie Duesenberg Photography

Hallie Duesenberg Photography

I cannot believe tomorrow marks another month of her being here, and another letter I get to write. I love writing these letters, and I hope one day she'll read them and my love for her shows through them. I hope one day these letters will be something she holds close to her.

While I will never share my "letters to you" in full, this is a line that has stuck with me through reflecting and writing this letter this week...

"Eight minutes has turned into eight hours, and eight days has turned into eight weeks. Soon eight weeks will turn into eight months, then I'll blink and it'll be eight years. I don't know how quickly this will go because my life has never gone by so fast."

I am so lucky to be this girl's mama, and I couldn't even begin to describe the love I have for her, Patrick, or the life we've made.

These letters let me take a walk back through the memories, and even though it's "only been" eight weeks, there's already so much I've written down to always help me remember.

How did you encapsulate the ever changing and quick phase of motherhood? Did you write letters to your little love?

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