Let's Face It


If you've been following my feed on Social Media, and reading the posts here on Embracing Messiness you have probably noticed that we have only shared one picture of Avie Jo's whole face.

While we are so excited for her to be here and to share her with the world we are cautious of the fast-growing negative affects social media is having on families and children.

Pat and I have made the parental decision to not share anymore pictures of her face on any Social Media outlets, to not only preserve her privacy, but to also preserve our family's.

It's a decision that we have made in hopes to help protect us, and more importantly her.

We aren't sure how long we'll be doing this, or if we'll ever not, but for now it's a fun challenge to share her with the world while preserving her most unique attribute- her face.


To me there's something to special about only our family and friends knowing what our child looks like, and for them to be the only ones to be able to watch her grow alongside us.

Brandie Scales