2017: The Year of Love

Last year I fully committed to dedicating a word to the year and then devoting myself to making that year everything the chosen word encompassed. Last year’s was adventure, and after the year we had I almost want every year’s word from here on out to be adventure, too.
What I came to realize over the past few days while trying to think of a word for 2018 was how intentional I was of my word throughout 2017. I had chosen adventure and then used the word as motivation. I used the word to push me, change me, and help me, and after acknowledging this it made finding a word for 2018 harder.

I realized that picking the word for 2018 was setting the tone for the year. As I tried to think of what I wanted to intentionally make 2018 so many words came to my mind- hope, fearless, and happiness to name a few, before I realized one that I’ve overlooked for so long, and needed the most- love.

Love for myself, love for life, love for opportunity, family, friendships, the struggle, etc. Being in love with everything, and working hard to show, share, and feel love. You know, the genuine, gut churning kind.


Having a daughter has changed my life more than I ever thought possible, and the one thing I truly want to instill in her is love. Love first and foremost for herself, and then love for everyone and everything. I want her love herself, show genuine love to others, and to live a life she loves, and I want to be the one to show her how to do that.
I want this year to be the year I truly fall in love with myself, life, and show love, and appreciation, to everyone in my life.

So, cheers to you, 2018, and here’s to love, loving like there’s no tomorrow. Loving when it’s easy. Loving when you’re happy. Loving when it’s hard. Loving when it takes work. Loving when you’re down and tired. Here’s to showing the people you love how much they mean to you, and embracing everything love stands for and means.

Brandie Scales