Weekend Update, New Schedule, and What's to Come!

As most of you know, this week has been a struggle for us. Let's be honest, it's been more than a struggle, it's been one of the slowest, hardest week ever.

Along with everything going on with Pat and his knee this past week we've had some scares with my health as well. My OBGYN heard something going on with heart this week during my scheduled visit, which landed me at a cardiologists office who decided to further investigate this week with an echocardiogram. Then we had a scare with the babe on Friday night that landed me in the hospital overnight. Thankfully, we are both okay. Babe is healthy, I'm feeling more confident that I won't go into labor within the next five seconds, aaaaaand to top it all off, all of this has landed me on bedrest. I know, it's hysterical. Me on bedrest. I'm just going to laugh this one off and pray I can stay in bed long enough to have it qualify for this bedrest business. Tomorrow we'll see a fetal and woman's specialist and they will decide on where they want me and the babe to go from here. Whether we'll be on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy, if they will qualify my pregnancy as high risk from this point on, and overall what they expect for the next few months.

I want to thank everyone again who has reached out and prayed for us throughout this week, we are so, so grateful for all of you.

Good news is, while I wanted to give you an update WE ARE STARTING THIS WEEK FRESH! And staying positive and hopeful! 

I am officially putting Embracing Messiness back on a schedule!

  • Mondays will be a day that I update you on our lives- whether it be Pat's recovery, my health, or what we've been up to!
  • Wednesdays will be a day I focus on our sweet babe! I've got some really fun things lined up, some of which including how I told our friends & family members, an announcement on what we're having, and some of our favorite products that we've found so far, just to name a few!
  • Fridays will be something super fun that will be announced THIS FRIDAY! I am taking a huge leap of faith on this one, y'all, and trying something brand new! Sneak peak below! ;) 
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