Baby Scales: Wives Tales & Gut Feelings

Since we aren't finding out the gender of Baby Scales I thought it'd be fun to do a blog on the top wives tales tests I've done and what I'm feeling this little love bug is! We are absolutely in love with not finding out but the closer it gets we are more and more antsy to know. Some of our friends are in the medical field and can read ultrasounds and that is the craziest thing to sit through- because I realize how much I do not want to know when I know they know what it is!


I'll be using this website list and telling you what my answers are!

My answers according to the above link are in the parenthesis at the end of each explanation!

  1.  Sweet vs Salty: BOTH! If I had to choose one it would definitely be sweets. I have a Hershey's Almond Bar in the fridge at all times in case I need a square... or three. (Girl)
  2. Garlic Test: I couldn't do this one because garlic just sounds horrible to me. Throughout this whole pregnancy I have had more food deterrences than cravings, making it really hard to eat and keep anything down that my body doesn't want. (No answer)
  3. Morning Sickness: I have had all day sickness from week 8 up until now, I don't think my body cares if it's in the morning or not lol (Girl)
  4. Pregnancy Glow or No: I don't know about this one, some people say I have a "glow" but I swear my complexion and hair are in their worst condition ever. I have recently switched my nightly facial routine with new products I'm loving but my hair is so, so dead. I'm going to start doing coconut hair masks this week to see if I can get some nutrition and shine back into my hair. (Neutral)
  5. Partner's Weight Gain: With Pat not playing right now he has dropped a bit in weight. (Boy)
  6. Moody vs. Mellow: Other than some melt downs during the past month, which I'm sure have to do with everything else going on, I really haven't had many emotional/mood changes throughout this whole pregnancy. But, I'm not really feeling mellow either! n
  7. The Eye Test: No dilation! (Girl)
  8. Carrying High vs. Low: I don't even know about this one, I swear this kid is just sitting happy in the middle, but on this week's Friday post maybe you can make your judgement! (Neutral)
  9. The Ring Test: I did this in Florida with one of our family members and it automatically went in a circular motion. (Girl)
  10. Heart Rate: Our heart rate has always been over 140! (Girl)
  11. Chinese Gender Test: Girl! (Girl)
  12. Blood Pressure Before you Conceive: My blood pressure has always been low, and it has actually stayed the same, or barely moved throughout the pregnancy. (Girl)
Mentor Session Pics-0023.jpg

Since I've completed all of those I will tell you my gut has definitely been consistent in telling me our little love is a girl! Ever since the very beginning of the pregnancy I have just had a gut feeling that it is a girl- I really can't explain it other than it being a gut feeling!

Every time I ask Pat what he thinks he either responds with "I don't know I'm just so excited!" or "Everyone thinks it's a girl, so it has to be a boy!". It has been so much fun not knowing!

With that being said though we are grateful and excited for whatever it is! I think it would be really cool to have a boy first so that our future kids have a big brother, but we would both love a little girl, too! Either way it'll be an exciting blessing!

We are so, so excited about our bundle of joy and cannot wait to see what it is so very soon!

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