Weekly Update

This past weekend my mom came in to help us get moved into our new place and get all settled in! Yep.. we decided to move, during all of the chaos of life and pregnant. What else would we do? HA.

We were previously living in a two bedroom apartment because we weren't planning on staying in Chicago after the season was over but, since Pat made the decision to do his rehab with the Bears in Chicago we'll be here throughout the year. Which meant we needed more space since we'll be raising a babe here instead of in our home in Texas. I was going to share our nursery update with you guys this week but since I haven't made it home to capture our one we worked on, and mostly finished, in Texas, it'll have to wait! Plus, now I'll share our nursery here with you guys too! I know that sounds insane that we have two nurseries but it's just a part of this wild ride.

Patrick's recovery is going smoothly. He is still in a lot of pain because of the rush of blood to his leg when he is standing and the aching in it by the end of the day, but overall he is hanging in there and recovering more and more every day. His rehab is also going well and he is hoping to get rid of his crutches by the middle of the week.

This Wednesday I'll be sharing wives tales tests we've done and what I'm feeling little babe is, along with an update (or bump date, rather ;) ) of how I'm feeling!

I hope you all have a happy Monday and a great week!

Brandie Scales