Friday Flashback: Favorite Summer Mix

We have had record-breaking warm weather here in Chicago this past week, so instead of posting a fall outfit you'd never realistically wear to this weekend's game, and to celebrate this warmth, I am going to share my favorite go-to outfit from the end of this summer!

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I love, love, love this denim mix for the summer, and even though I have a strict no white jean rule after Labor Day, I think I might break it just for this weekend! It is so crisp, light, and fun!

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The shoulders of this shirt are so much fun, and these booties are beyond comfortable- so comfortable I've worn them all day, from Dallas to Chicago then attending a pre-season game!

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Recently I have fallen in love with Articles of Society jeans. They are so, so comfortable. Lately I am having trouble with regular jeans putting pressure on my bump and making it hard to keep them on all day but with these I have found I can wear and stay comfortable in. They're so cute and stretchy enough to not feel like jeans- making them the perfect pants for this mama to be!

Do you have a favorite pair of non maternity jeans that you were able to wear throughout your whole pregnancy? What's your favorite summer look that you'd pull out during a heat wave and wear one last time?

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