1 Week Post-Op Check In


I cannot believe that tomorrow marks one week since Pat had his surgery. At times this week has flown by, but overall it's been a rough drag to get to where he is today. 

This has by far been the hardest recovery week for Pat, which was something we didn't expect after his back surgery. Different than his back, they want to get your knee moving as soon as possible- meaning we were in therapy the following day of surgery. We did therapy twice a day for the three days following surgery, and have now maintained one, longer session of therapy which will remain the same until he reaches a full recovery.


Thankfully, even though his knee is in a lot of pain he is succeeding rapidly at getting his range of motion back. His swelling is almost all the way down and the therapists are happy with the physical appearance of his knee one week out of surgery. Thank you, Lord.

We know we still have a far way to go but we are concentrating on taking the process slowly and with caution, allowing his knee to fully recover and gain the strength back in it- and his quad- so it has a long term sustainability.


Thank you to everyone for the prayers and thoughts throughout the past few weeks, especially this last one. We are so grateful to have such an amazing support group. 

With love,

The Scales

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