Fashion Friday: Chicago @ Tampa Bay

This week the Bears are playing in Tampa! This is the first time in three years we're not playing in December, which is exciting, but a Florida weekend away during the freezing winters has always the perfect break from the Chicago winter.

No matter what time of year it is, one thing is for sure, it's going to be hot and humid in Tampa on game day, so I've planned a comfortable dress with one of my favorite pairs of sandals.

Brandie Blog Pics-0038.jpg
Brandie Blog Pics-0029.jpg
Brandie Blog Pics-0034.jpg

I am so in love with this dress that I have two... yep, just in case I need to wear one when the other is dirty. FOMO is real, y'all. It has been the comfiest dress this summer that allows my belly to grow into it while still being just as comfortable. Have I thought of buying more colors? Yes. Do you need this dress? Yes.

I'm hoping I can drag this dress out as long as possible with the help of cardigans and booties this fall.

Brandie Blog Pics-0044.jpg
Brandie Blog Pics-0045.jpg

These gold sandals are restocked overtime but do sell out fast, so if you want these make sure you grab them when they're available! The only thing with them is that they took a while to break in, which means they could be the perfect fall purchase to wear while the weather cools down and then save them when they're all broken in and ready to go for next spring!

What are some of your favorite summer staples that you're stretching into fall? Share them with me below!

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