The Road to Recovery: Surgery Day

Hello friends! It is the day we have been waiting a little over two weeks for- surgery day!

After doing research, talking to a lot of our friends in the league, and speaking with our agent we made the personal decision to go down to Pensacola, Florida for his surgery so we could use Dr. Andrews of the Andrews Institute.

Of course, the journey was somewhat of a whirlwind, and if you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you know just how crazy our past 24 hours has been. We left Chicago yesterday morning and flew to Charlotte hoping to catch a flight to Pensacola right away BUT as soon as we got to Charlotte they cancelled all of the outgoing flights due to Hurricane Irma. SO, we decided to try and outrun the storm and drive from Charlotte to Pensacola.

It's comical, really it is. We've learned time and time again that we have to make the best out of every situation, that we have to dance through every storm and never take anything- no matter how serious it may seem- too seriously. So, we rented an SUV, jammed to T Swift, and snacked on Trader Joe's dried fruit and peanut butter cups while we hauled our tailfeathers to Pensacola through Irma! 

We made it late yesterday afternoon, got settled into our hotel, grabbed dinner, and headed to bed early to prepare for today.


Pat was feeling a little anxious this morning, but he is all set and has headed back to surgery within the past few minutes. We are so, so grateful to be here in Pensacola getting his surgery and cannot wait for the road to recovery to finally begin. We are so hopeful and excited for Pat to get back to "normal" life and for his return to football.

As always, we will keep you updated on his recovery and progress. We are so thankful for all of the texts, love, and support throughout everything we've been through in the past few weeks. We love you all.



I'll be adding pictures and more details soon, but just wanted to keep you guys in the loop as much as I can before I'm busy helping Patrick.

Brandie Scales