Searching for Simplicity: BabyList Registry

When we found out I was pregnant I only knew a few things for sure, one of them being I was 100% going to have my registry through BabyList! A few of my friends have used BabyList before and I absolutely love how you can take any item from any shop and compile it into one list for people to view.

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My favorite three things about having our Registry through BabyList is:

  1. You can pick any item from any shop that you want and have it in your registry! People used to have to have multiple registries before BabyList came out just to ensure they were able to ask for everything they wanted. I love that we only need one, and that we can shop from anywhere, from small businesses to bigger companies, and corporations that have been around for years!
  2. You can see when an item on your registry has been reserved and bought. Listen, y'all. I'm impatient. And I have a list of things that are on the registry that I have decided that if we don't get by a certain time it is important for us to get instead of wait on. This makes it SO easy for me to watch these items. I know, my Type A is showing.
  3. BabyList is user friendly! You can categorize everything you ask for and modify things easily. Their Guides tab is also so helpful for first time mamas because they have so much of the research already done. It truly helps make the process easy and less stressful. Let's be honest- registries are supposed to be fun, not difficult, right?!


Obviously I have no idea what I will need for this tiny human since this is our first baby, so I have done a bunch of research to help me (try) to figure it out. Along with the help of my amazing, veteran mama friends, endless Google searches, The Bump, and BabyList's "Guides" Tab I think I've got it mostly covered.

As you'll see from our Babylist, our registry is made up of mostly the basics and only a few fancy accessories. Pat and I are trying to keep this as simple as possible. We both know that while we do need a few necessities to help us take care of this kid the most important thing is that we both dedicate a lot of hard work, love, and quality time to raising him or her.

We've asked for a lot of old fashioned books and toys because we genuinely want to raise our kids how we were raised- playing on the floor with building blocks and Lincoln Logs, reading, and spending most of our time outdoors.

We are so thankful for how easy BabyList has made the registry process!

Veteran mamas-Is there something you couldn't live without for the first few months? What's the most important thing you had to help make the newborn phase easier?


All of the pictures in this post are courtesy of and proptery of SCHYNE Photography

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