Preseason Week Two- At Phoenix

When we found out we were playing in Phoenix this preseason I was so, so excited. Some of our close family friends live in Phoenix so I knew we had to all go together. Honestly, y'all, every time I visit Arizona I'm convinced I need to pack our bags and move there. I absolutely love it. It has everything we love- from the heat, to the mountains, lakes and everything in between!

Okay, back on topic. I flew out to Phoenix for the weekend, stayed with our friends, and got to see Pat play. It was so much fun. I am so grateful that the Cundiffs live there because it was so, so great to spend time with them and have them at the game with us.


To make the weekend better we squeaked into our first win of the season, beating Arizona 24-23!


We are so grateful for all of the amazing people we have met throughout our NFL career, especially this sweet family that we get to call a part of our own.

Brandie Scales