Friday Surprise

I know I've had quite the excitement recently on Embracing Messiness with the announcement of our sweet babe, but I also have one more surprise!

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Game Day Fashion posts are.... COMING THIS FALL!

I have had this on my mind for some time but was so nervous about taking the idea and turning it into the real deal! When I first graduated from college I wrote for a female fashion blog putting together outfit ideas for game days, draft parties, and other football functions. In the back of my mind I knew what I would wear to games but I constantly was wondering "what do the wives and family members of players actually wear to games?" or what was realistic to wear to games, especially when you are fortunate enough attend games constantly. SO, I am jumping in head first and I'm going to start sharing my game day outfits throughout the season! I am so, so grateful for my friends- especially Hannah- for encouraging me to do this and cannot wait to see where this takes me!

Below are a few sneak peaks of upcoming outfits and my style. This will be so much fun to do while I’m pregnant to show you my favorite pregnancy outfits and my favorite, comfortable ways to get through the season! Most of you who know me personally know that while I like to look put together being comfortable is SO important to me- even more so since I've been pregnant!

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Alright, listen. Like I said in the about of this blog, Embracing Messiness is about me embracing all of the things I cannot control. Our lives have changed, and although I will not be attending every single game this season, or traveling to see the boys play, I am going to do my best to still put together outfits every week that I would wear to the games. I know I'm going to have to modify some weeks and change some things  up, but I am excited for this new journey and for the challenge.


Week One: Chicago vs. Atlanta

This weekend we're playing the Atlanta Falcons at home to kick off regular season. I know the nice weather in Chicago won't last much longer, so you can bet I'm embracing this warmth and wearing all of my short sleeves and summer clothes as long as I can!


This is my favorite, and most comfortable Bears shirt, I love that it's subtle and honestly wear it all the time. I decided to pair it with my KanCan boyfriend jeans and Sam Edelman Sandals. I got these hats made for our family members for this season and absolutely love the personalization of them. I usually don't wear football gear to games, I'll explain that later, but I made an exception this game because we're playing at home, and I'm just so excited for the start of season! 

Similar Shirts: here & here / Similar Jeans: here / Similar Sandals: here / Customizable Hat: Fitted & Similar to mine

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I am so excited, y'all! I cannot wait for you to see more. If there's anything you ever want to see, or questions you ever have please let me know in the comments!

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