Start of Football Season

It is officially football season, friends! I know, it doesn't seem like it to most of you, but I promise you it's feeling like it in hundreds of households across the Nation as the boys kiss their kids "see ya later" and wives slowly start the transition back to season life.

Pat and I usually drive up to Chicago in one day, but this summer we decided to stop in Louisville this time to break up the drive and spend some quality, slow time with his family before things start taking off.

There's something so bittersweet about these drives. It's the perfect mixture of excitement of getting back into season, fear of the future, and hopefulness of what's to come. We are so, so grateful to have the opportunity to be with the Bears again this season and are so hopeful for our future with them.

Pat and I get to spend a few more days together before I head back to Dallas for August and he heads to camp on Wednesday and we'll definitely be making the most of the last slow, lazy days before season officially takes off full throttle.

We are so happy it's almost officially season and love the rush and hustle it brings. Even more so we are so excited to spend this season together and cannot wait to transition into it come September!

Brandie Scales