Due Dates & Delivery Rooms

As most of you know from receiving or seeing our announcements we have decided not to announce the date we are expecting our sweet babe. I've done this for a few reasons, the main one being that babies come when they want. So, while we might be able to predict due dates and arrival days no one other than God truly ever knows. I don't want people texting and calling us around the due date asking if the babe has arrived or what our plan is if it hasn't- I want to truly embrace the time we have before our baby comes and as new parents before we do make any type of formal announcement of it's arrival!

The second reason we're doing this is because although we do share, post, and have so much of our life in the mainstream we are overall private people who keep some parts of our lives between us- this is one of the things that is important to me to keep private between ourselves and our tight knit group of family members. 

And, the last and the most important reason to me is so when and while this babe is coming we will have the privacy of going through the experience without the hassle from people about updates, pictures, and other information. I am so lucky to have been in delivery rooms and experience births throughout my photography career and some of the best experiences I've seen are the ones where the to-be parents are fully focused on each other, the long enduring process, and the arrival of their babe. Sadly, on the other hand I have seen the other side to- where the partner is only focused on answering emails, texting family members back, and asking the wife for for her response to certain people that are texting him.

GUYS. To me, this is one of the most exciting, if not THE MOST, exciting days of our lives- I do not want to be distracted by my great aunt's cousin who wants to know how I'm feeling, or distracted by my husband constantly on his phone because he thinks he needs to answer everyone's thousand questions. So, to help with that we are only going to be telling a handful of people when we do go into labor. No matter how long it takes or the process it occurs in it's a day in our lives I think we need to truly just be engulfed in and experience together- without the distraction of phones.

Lastly, we won't be posting anything on Facebook about the arrival of our babe, and we won't be announcing the arrival, gender, and name through any other social media outlets until we've formally told all of our friends and family members. Social media is awesome, it truly is, but in my opinion, it is not the place we want to properly announce our baby! 

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Brandie Scales