Four Years

I cannot believe that four years ago today we were hustling around Frankfort, Kentucky stressed and getting ready to promise the rest of our lives together.

Sometimes that day seems like yesterday, but on days like today it feels like it's been forever. Truth be told, this was one of the most trying years of both of our lives. We really, truly had to fight tooth and nail to make it out of what 2016 brought. To be honest, there were more days than not of last summer and fall that I really didn't think we were going to make it to our fourth anniversary. There were so many nights spent fighting and crying, and so many days spent apart without a word from each other. It's crazy what can happen when you both start remembering what's truly important in life, get your priorities straight, and start living for the person who you promised forever with.

If there was one piece of advice I could tell couples struggling to stay together it would be to take your space, do your thing, but never forget the promises you made. Say sorry. Admit when you're wrong. Pat and I had both been so selfish with our careers and needs that it drove us both so far apart to the point of breakage- and then we were reminded by no one other than God about everything we had vowed and promised to do. For better or worse. We had promised forever.

It wasn't until the end of November that we both realized we were both in the wrong for the previous months, and that if we were ever going to make it to year four we better wake up fast and start putting each other first. Before jobs. Before friends. Before selfless, silly wants.

Almost losing our marriage was the hardest yet, possibly the best thing that could have happened to us because we're a completely different couple than we ever were before. We're happier. Closer. Sillier. And we never take a day together for granted.

We've learned to let go of the little things, embrace the scary things, and love like there is no tomorrow.

Year four, you were so difficult and trying, but we made it through, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Cheers to year 5, and remembering that a marriage takes hard work, lots of laughter, and even more love.

To celebrate, a little scroll down memory lane... I can't believe we've almost been together for 8 years...

There are so many pictures from our past that it's so hard to choose a few to share!

I can't believe it's been four years. Cheers to you, honey! I love you!

Brandie Scales