Baby Scales: Boy or Girl?

We are having a... *drumroll, please*

 Schyne Photography

Schyne Photography

BABY! That's it. That's all we know.

We are not finding out the gender of Baby Scales, and it's going to be the best surprise ever!

One of my teammates in college told me "the only true surprise in life is not knowing the gender of the baby before it's born" and it truly stuck with me (thanks, E!). The way we see it, if it's a girl you throw a bow on her head and if it's a boy we don't need bows! We've registered for neutral color clothing and the nursery is completely gender neutral- which we love because it means we can use all of it for more than one baby!

Sometimes I feel that people find out the gender of their baby and they become too engulfed in the preparation of making it perfect for a boy or girl and they forget to simply just be grateful for a baby. So, instead of buying blues and pinks we're just focusing on praying for a healthy baby and seriously thanking God every day, or hour more like, for our sweet babe.

I'll be sharing more about our registry and our choice of simplicity with our preparation methods, registry, and nursery within the next few weeks! I'll also be sharing a post on wives tales and what I'm feeling this sweet bundle of joy is!

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