Chase the Dreams

I came across this motivational piece this afternoon while scrolling through Facebook and it really hit home for me. 

Dreams are so scary. I cannot tell you how many people told Pat and I to find real jobs and start our lives without the NFL throughout the three years we tried so hard to make a break into the league.

I cannot tell you how many friends I had that would call me and ask me when I was going to tell Pat he had to stop trying. Truth be told, that was never my place. And honestly, it had become my dream, too. Pat and I had been through it all together and throughout the years I wanted the league for him as much as I wanted any of my dreams for myself.

That's what marriage is. It makes two peoples' dreams one. It makes you selfless. It makes you put  that person in front of yourself.

Were we struggling to get by? Up to our ears in debt? Without a clue how we would make each month work?

Every. Single. Month.

But none of that mattered. Because dreams aren't things that you can put a price on.

So we ignored the nay-sayers. The people who thought we had to come back down to reality. And we held on tight to the ones who believed in our dream.

Can you imagine what our life would've been like if we would've given up?

We always told ourselves that as long as teams were calling we wouldn't quit. We wouldn't give in to the negativity. We would trust God and keep working hard.

So we did just that. We worked hard, we prayed like hell, and hoped to God we wouldn't make it through a few months without getting a call.

And it happened.

I don't know where you're at in life, what dreams you have, or what your journey has been to get to your dreams. But I do know that if you want something, if you truly, 100% want something, and you're willing to give everything to reach it- that you will. You can do anything. Even things you don't have full control over.

We don't have control over coaching decisions or roster changes, but we do have control over how hard we work and what we set our minds to. You have to trust yourself, and the big guy upstairs.


Happy Dreaming, friends

Brandie Scales