First of all. I found this picture from my headshots with Mikenzie Ryan last fall and I laughed at how awesome this pictures captures how I'm feeling today! Thanks Z for capturing all of my goofiness.

I cannot even put into words how excited I am to relaunch Embracing Messiness today! I want to welcome everyone who is visiting and tell you some things around here that I'll be doing that are new, and some of my major goals for Embracing Messiness moving forward!

Of course, I will always keep this blog a lifestyle blog of Pat and mine's life. I didn't realize how many people were following along and cheering us on throughout our journey until I stopped writing and my friends started asking where EM was. To be honest, I had no idea how many of you read, appreciated, and loved Embracing Messiness, and I'm sorry I've been gone for so long!

First and foremost, I want this blog to be a place where we share our journey through life with our family and friends. Since the beginning of Scaling Life this has been a lifestyle blog, specifically about our NFL journey. More so, I want this to be a platform to help motivate people to chase their dreams. We're going to start sharing some more in-depth truths and facts about chasing and living in the NFL for the boys and families who are going through the free-agency limbo life we lived in for so long. I'm going to be involving Pat a lot more for monthly posts on what our journey has truly been like- how we maintained training and keeping our heads above water, how we never gave up and what kept us going, and so many amazing posts that I'm excited to open up about and share. I'm also going to step out of my comfort zone and start sharing life from a wive's perspective. I'll be sharing never told moments about the really hard times, and providing truths and motivation for the girlfriends and wives out there who are living in the limbo of trying to support their boyfriends/husbands in their dreams, and how to keep a realistic outlook on dreams and goals. 

Embracing Messiness is also going to be more involved with Bourbon Oak Tree- I will be sharing more of my professional work as I try to find out where my heart is with Bourbon Oak Tree and where my priorities lay within all of my responsibilities. I'll be opening up more about being a wife, struggles we have and do face, and things we do to keep our relationship going.

I'll also be sharing a few fashion posts here and there, putting together a few city itineraries, and *drum roll, please* on the rare chance I can take myself seriously, Vlogging here and there. Mom that means video blog ;)

Please take a look around and share with me your feedback! There are so many amazing things to come and I cannot wait to share this journey with you!


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 I have not disabled anything on the old website so you can always go back there and read old posts if you would like!