Colleen's Dream Foundation

Every year we get the chance to join the family members and friends of the Cundiff and Drury families in Scottsdale, Arizona for the Colleen's Dream Foundation Golf & Gala Weekend. It is one of our favorite weekends of the year and we absolutely love being apart of this amazing foundation.

We became involved in the foundation when Patrick became good friends with Billy Cundiff throughout their time spent together in Baltimore and New York. Billy's wife, Nicole's mother, Colleen, died from Ovarian Cancer. She is the motivation behind the foundation and the reason her children work relentlessly to help fund an early detection method for ovarian cancer.

Colleen's Dream Foundation helps fund early detection research, brings awareness to the silent killer, and acts as a support group for women facing the cancer. Below I've added a few graphics about Ovarian Cancer, please take the time to read it, learn about it, and remember it- for you, your mom, sister, friends, and everyone who can be affected.

To learn even more about Colleen's Dream, her family, and all of the people who truly make the organization top notch and amazing, visit this link.

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Brandie Scales