Spring at the Silos! (03/18/2017)

My heart is so, so unbelievably full tonight, and I know this day will forever remain as one of my favorites.

Earlier this week I found out that my favorite artist, Lindsay from Lindsay Letters was going to be in Waco for Spring at the Silos. I didn't even know #SpringattheSilos was even a thing until I saw her Instagram post about it and suddenly knew I wanted, no needed, to go. I'm not joking you guys when I tell you I've followed Lindsay for over four years, we have at least one piece of artwork of hers in every room (even in our apartment in Chicago), and I give all of my best friends her hot pink "This is my party mug!" when they visit our home for the first time.

I begged and reminded Pat throughout the week to make the trip Saturday morning amid our remodeling, and even though I knew he knew how important it was I kept reminding and reminding him. This guy is the bomb dot com, guys. He woke up at 5:40 am, made fresh coffee, packed us protein bars for the ride, and woke me up so we could head down bright and early!

As soon as we got to Waco we grabbed coffee at The Dichotomy, walked around the Farmer's Market (which I fell in love with!) and had breakfast from MILO Biscuit Company before heading to Magnolia for Spring at the Silos!

As soon as we got there we we saw all of the tents with vendors and I got so, so excited to see Lindsay's... until we quickly came upon it and I had my biggest fan girl meltdown. I literally froze. I turned to Pat and told him I couldn't do it before I started walking away and he stood in shock. This doesn't happen- guys! I just could.not.walk.up.to.her.

Pat asked if I needed to take a lap around before coming back to meet her, you know- since that was the reason we were there for, and when I said yes he told me she could be gone if I decided to do that. Aaaand then he asked if he needed to introduce me and all of a sudden I had my big girl pants on and walked into the tent... only to freeze again and forget basically everything but my name. 

To speed the story up I finally said something and holy cow guys, she's the real deal. Lindsay was so sweet and genuine and I am so grateful we took the trip down. She was so sweet to Pat and I and sent us home with two new prints and an experience we'll never forget.

Here's to crossing my fingers I was cool enough for a coffee date whenever she's in Chicago! A girl can dream.

We're finishing up the remodeling this week and after some deep cleaning I will be doing some new pictures of our home and sharing with you my favorite Lindsay Letters prints! If you haven't heard of her please check her website and Instagram out. She and her team are truly awesome.

Brandie Scales