Family Pictures by Cottonwood Road Photography

Being a photographer there's no surprise I love having images to hold onto. Usually I would prefer to be behind the camera, but once a year I come in front of it to do portraits with Patrick.

In the beginning of our relationship we had so many pictures from almost every single thing we did together, but as time went on and things got a little crazier each year we've drifted off from talking so many images of each other, and with each other. So, I made a promise when we got married that every year we'd do family pictures to document our life and see how our family grows and changes throughout.

I couldn't recommend this more to anyone. If you didn't start from year one- start now, I promise it's never too late! I cherish the images from the years so much and am forever grateful for them. Even though we've only been married for four years I always love going back and reflecting on them and where we were at at each stage of our life.

Last year we were lucky enough to find husband-wife duo Preston and Hannah Hagaman of Cottonwood Road Photography and not only become friends with them but have them do our pictures! So, this year there was no doubt in my mind who I wanted doing them again. We are so in love with these two and are so grateful for all of our time spent with them! These images took my breath away and I will forever be in love with them!

Brandie Scales