Social Media Merging

Recently over on Bourbon Oak Tree's Blog I talked about finding balance and what I'm working and focusing on to help myself find it. I keep reminding myself, and thinking of one word: simplify.

So, I will be announcing Friday over on my personal Instagram, @c_brandie, that I will be merging Bourbon Oak Tree's Instagram page (@bourbonoaktree) with @c_brandie. I am so excited to do this and hopeful for the outcome.

I feel like for far too long I've been focusing on keeping my personal life and professional life separate for no reason other than some of my personal posts are well, really personal. But that's me. That's who I am and what I post and write about, so why not share the raw, emotions of our life with everyone?

I promise I will still share the personal things- the hard and good times-  and the words that are sometimes easier to type than to speak about. I will keep doing @c_brandie the only way I know how to, just now I will be adding my professional photography and films work to the platform.

I am so thankful for you always following me and supporting me, and I hope you enjoy what's to come from @c_brandie. If you haven't followed along yet, you can do so here!

Brandie Scales